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I first started photographing the world around me when I was 12, and was first published at the age of 13 in 2013 in Photographer's Forum. I started my business in 2019 working in the fashion industry (portrait photography, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, etc.), and in 2020 I officially started Honey & Fern Photography. While I loved fashion photography, I soon realized my true love was weddings and couples - which is still 10000% true to this day!

On top of my years of experience, I also obtained by Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Photography with a minor in Business in 2022.

After you fill out an inquiry form located in the "contact" section of my website, I'll confirm I have your date available and reply as soon as I can (no more than 24 hours)! From there, we can either chat back and forth via email regarding any questions you may have, your vision, etc., or we can hop on a call/ meet for coffee to get to know eachother!

If you decide we'd make a good fit to work together, I'll send over a contract for you and your partner to look over as well as an invoice for your retainer. This invoice is an online, secure way to pay your balance for both the retainer and final payment (which is always due the day after your shoot/ event). 

Film is one of my favorite things in the entire world, and incorporating it into my brand and what I offer to my clients was one of the best decisions ever.

Film is unlike digital photography in a few ways, one being that it's taken on a film roll, which then get's removed from the camera and sent to a lab for processing (rather than just taking out a memory card from your typical camera and uploading the images to your computer). This processing takes a week or so, and the images get sent back to me for editing. 
You only have about 36 shots per roll (depending on the brand of film you choose to use), which means I need to be very intentional with what I capture, and there is very little room for error (aka, why many photographers veto the idea of film from the get-go). 

"This all sounds so complicated- why do you use it?" ... my friend, let me tell you.

Film images have the power of a cinematic, storytelling, authentic and timeless vibe which can not (no matter how hard you try) be replicated by a digital camera. The imperfection (grain, motion blur, occasional light leaks, etc.) of film is what makes it truly beautiful and "in the moment" and I can't think of a more beautiful way to add authenticity to your wedding/ couple session images.  

No, I am not a videographer by any means!

Vintage Super 8 film video (in short clip form) is the only thing I currently, and will ever, offer as I place my focus mainly on photography. As a film lover, however, it was hard to resist offering short, approximately 1 minute clips on Super 8 for my couples (engagements, maternity, etc.). I do not currently offer this add-on for weddings, but stay tuned as that could change in the future!

This Super 8 add-on can be applied to any couple session! For an example of what this looks like, head over to my "services" page. 

My exact turnaround time depends greatly on weather we're in busy season or slow season, but for weddings it will never be longer than 8 weeks unless otherwise communicated (typically you will receive your gallery within 6-7 weeks). 

My turnaround time for couple sessions is 3-4 weeks year round! (film images and Super 8 video may take longer to be delivered due to lab processing times)

I always say I have a "documentary approach to timeless imagery", so let me explain what exactly I mean by this! 

A documentary style of photography is embodied in the concept of capturing the authentic moments, rather than staging them for perfect images. During your wedding day, I will never be the person to interrupt a moment because it's not "perfect" and want to fix your hair/ veil/ dress/ lighting situation. I wouldn't be doing my job correctly (in my personal opinion) if I captured more posed moments during your wedding day than authentic ones. My goal is for you to be able to look back on your images and re-live your day for years and years to come- all the way from the moment you said "I do" to the conversation you had with Uncle Bob during your reception. This concept has more recently been called "the art of noticing" and I can't think of a more perfect way to explain it!

I have a very true to life editing style, with an editorial and filmy flare. Check out my "Portfolio" page to check out my previous work! 


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